For many, the price of personal training is more than they can afford – this is always sad to me because of how great the benefit it can be. Here is a snippet from a great article backed by a lot of research on the cost of personal training:

The Costs

The National Strength and Conditioning Association conducted a recent survey of prices and found an average of $50 per hour with a range of $15 to $100 per hour. Prices do vary depending on region, according to Hagerman, and naturally, they will be higher in urban areas than in rural ones.

Hagerman and Klinge both agree that getting a trainer at a commercial health club is probably the cheapest way, since a personal fitness trainer in a private studio will inevitably have to charge more. The number of sessions a person needs can vary, but both Hagerman and Klinge recommend at least two a week. Although sessions are typically an hour, Hagerman says that some people opt for half-hour sessions, both to save time and money.

Hagerman emphasizes that money isn’t everything when it comes to choosing a personal fitness trainer. “Don’t just shop for the lowest price,” he tells WebMD. “Cheaper trainers aren’t necessarily better trainers. They may not be worse either, but there are other things to consider.” (1).

It can become very expensive when the recommended number of sessions is twice a week and the average cost is $50 per session. But although the cost does average $400 a month for quality and effective training, it is well worth it for the difference it makes in each clients life. I firmly believe in the effectiveness and benefit of personal training – but since that pricing is too high for so many, I wanted to find a way to be able to make personal training available to more people. This is how our Hybrid Personal Training Service came to be.  We are now able to offer 9 sessions a month at the highest price point of $25 a session and as low as $20 a session. Our hope is that many more people who once couldn’t afford personal training will now be able to have the same opportunity to change their life for the better.