It is often times an odd thought too think that when you can’t complete a task that you have succeeded.  We tend to create a believe system, “if I don’t complete the task at hand then I have failed” and no one likes to be perceived as a failure.  The issue with this believe is that it can actually hinder us from becoming better.  If we have a fear of failing then what we tend to do is stick with what we feel comfortable with.  We end up limiting our true potential and in fact as we continue to live this way, we actually continue to lower our potential.  We end up creating a closer and closer safety line as we push towards our limit but keep stopping just short every time.  The only way too true growth is going past our limits into the uncomfortable and being willing to not complete the task.  The willingness comes from a believe change that true success is actually putting ourselves in places of failing and continuing to do so until we have breakthrough.


This is true for working out as well.  To truly succeed you must be willing to go to failure, meaning to get to the point when you can’t complete a certain workout or exercise.  You will benefit more from each exercise and workout when you are willing to choose the harder exercise, while doing each exercise correctly and safely, and not completing the certain amount of reps or rounds.  What you end up doing is pushing your mind past it’s current limits and increasing the strength of your muscles by pushing them to their limits.  What this ends up doing is increasing the muscle density, which interns improves the amount your body burns and can handle.  So by failing you are actually winning!


You can apply this to your workouts by reaching failure after your warmup and by your second set or round of exercises.  View winning, by not being able to get to the full reps of the current exercises.  During your workouts you will begin to believe that if you finish the workout without a lot of struggle or failure, it needs to be harder but to celebrate that what once use to be hard no longer is.  This type of training takes time to learn and for your mindset to change, so make sure to receive grace for yourself and remember that you are in it for the long run.  As you practice pushing yourself to failure, on as many exercises as possible, your mindset will begin to change and your workouts will become all the more effective.