1. something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.


When it comes to nutrition, supplements are exactly what the definition of the word supplement is.  Supplements are to add to your goals when it comes to your health and fitness.  On the most hand supplements are not harmful but they also may not be beneficial.  Many people take supplements daily such as fish oil capsules or daily vitamins to add to their daily value of nutrients.  Many people in the fitness world also take pre and post workout supplements and protein supplements through out the day.


When it comes to supplements they for the most part are not harmful as long as you are not taking over the recommended levels.  Although it is preferred to get as much of what you need through natural sources of foods, we understand it may be difficult to get that done.  There are a few supplements that can be helpful but it is always best to take only what you need and in its purest form.  For the average person with no major deficiency, we wouldn’t suggest much, but here are a few supplements that seem to have the greatest benefits:


Daily use:

  1. Fish oil | Good fatty acids for healthy function
  2. Protein powder | helps get you to your daily intake of protein.
  3. B12 | good for sustained energy.



  1. * niacin | Open up blood vessels and increase neurological stimulation
  2. Caffein | good for a boast of quick energy



  1. BCAA’s | Help increase recovery and decrease soreness
  2. CBD | Help decrease inflammation and increase recovery time.
  3. * Creatine | Help increase muscle stamina and size.


* (usually only after working out for at least 3 months)