Whether you are a goal oriented person or not, tracking you progress with exercise is imperative to your overall success. Everyone is motivated differently, for some people it is intrinsic, or easy to motivate themselves through internal factors. For the vast majority of everyone else, external factors motivate us. Weight loss, being in shape, meeting people, bikini season, whatever it may be is how we get motivated. Without some sort of traceable goal, these extrinsic motivators will fade when exercise gets hard. The opposite is true though when you track your progress. Whether you are intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, being able to see movement towards a goal will encourage and motivate you all over again.


Progress, both minor and major, allows you to celebrate your victory. Any sort of progress shows that something you are doing now is different than it used to be, and is moving you towards a happier self. You started exercising or whatever it may be for a reason, and progress is just proof that it was the right plan, and it’s working for you. Never undersell your progress!